What is CTF?

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a computer security competition. CTF contests are usually designed to serve as an educational exercise to give participants experience in securing a machine, as well as conducting and reacting to the sort of attacks found in the real world. CTF games often touch aspects of information security, such as cryptography, steganography, binary analysis, reverse engineering, mobile security , etc.

After organizing the 1st CTF competition in Armenia back in 2017, we are happy to organize the 1st international and online  CTF in SAFE MODE within CyHub Armenia initiative.  Considering also the Global Pandemic of COVID 19, the CTF will have the theme of pandemic.


“In a parallel universe during the 2020 Global Pandemic, Hackers were able to create an arc fleet to transfer the humans to another planet leaving the planet Earth. However, Hackers in the vacuum of the space they couldn’t find things to crack. They have taken the initiative of going back to the contaminated planet earth and solve the pandemic by finding the flags of the vaccines in order to make the planet a habitable place again.”


 Good luck in saving the planet – just [safely] Capture the Flag!



  • The Contest is open to individuals who are  over the age of eighteen. 
  • How to Enter:  Eligible participants may enter by registering here,  where they would be given a VPN key to connect to the CyHub CTF infrastructure remotely.


  • Maximum number of 5 participants per team, Individual participation is allowed as well.
  • Duration: 24h
  • Each challenge has its own points according to its difficulty.
  • Write-up Rewards: There will be a write-up submission form on the website where the Team/Individual will be rewarded
  • Have a question: The organizers will be online 24/7 to answer or respond any questions or technical difficulties you might encounter (Do not expect any clues!)
  • It is strictly prohibited and subject to disqualification to:
  • Attack any machine other than the designated ones,
  • DoS Ph0wn CTF infrastructure 
  • Modify the scoreboard

Prize Attribution

  • At the end of the CTF, the top 3 teams with the highest score are entitled to a prize. In case there is tie in the score, the team who scored first is granted that place.
    • 1st place – $1337
    • 2nd place – $768
    •  3rd place – $512